Hoop dance instructor spreading joy throughout the Pacific Northwest

Michelle, aka Shell Bell Hoops

Michelle has been dancing with hoops since 2011. She loves the joy and emotional release that she experiences in her practice. Over the years she has developed a strong skill set that she excitedly shares with others. She views hooping as a tool for therapeutic self-expression, meditation, creativity, and fitness. Her hoop style is often described as dancey, graceful and flowy.

Michelle has always envisioned herself as a teacher. In May of 2020 she completed Hoop Love Coach Teacher Training led by the legendary Deanne Love. This training has equipped her with the skills and resources necessary to develop her own hoop classes and programs. Her goal is to provide a space in her community where people can connect with themselves and others while experiencing the joy of hooping.

Browse Michelle’s website or Facebook page to see her current offerings, local classes, and upcoming events. Connect with her on Instagram for flow videos, tutorials, and the occasional fur-baby video bomb. Subscribe to her YouTube for a curated selection of tutorials, videos, and performances. Happy hooping!


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Upcoming Events

2021 Coastal Hoop Flow Retreat
(August 19 – 22)
All levels hoop dance and wellness retreat nestled in the beautiful coastal hills near Bandon, OR. Featuring daily hoop workshops, restorative yoga, beach flow sessions, sunset hoop jams, LED glow party and more. Check out https://www.coastalhoopflow.com/ for retreat details and updates.